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Mr Fix is a well-known name in Edinburgh for offering the best in class phone repairing services. The technicians over there are efficient enough to detect and fix any type of mobile issues. If you have an HTC handset and you are facing problems, we can be the right solution for you. Come to the Mr Fix experts with your HTC device or call us to get expert guidance at your convenient place when something goes wrong with your HTC phones. Our experts are always ready to repair your phones in the most efficient way possible. Because of offering the best in class HTC repair in Edinburgh, we have become the most popular name among our customers.

HTC unlocking in Edinburgh:

Now using any SIM on any GSM Network is not a problem. By unlocking an HTC phone, you can change carriers without buying a new one. So, if you want to unlock your HTC phone, count on us today. At Mr Fix, we offer the best in class HTC unlocking services in Edinburgh. When your phone is with us, you can be assured of the fact that your phone will be unlocked without affecting the data and the warranty.

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We pride ourselves on our team’s friendly customer service and technical expertise. When you come to us, you get

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HTC unlocking in Edinburgh:

We offer our services for

  • Damaged screen
  • Broken phone
  • Phone unlocking
  • Any technical glitch
  • Charger issues

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Though not as popular as the other Smartphone brands, HTC does have its own customer base. There are many who own these handsets and are quite satisfied with the performance. Thanks to these consumers HTC has achieved its own niche in the market. However, like any other electronic device, these phones also have their share of technical glitches. Given below are a few common problems encountered by HTC phone users and some tips to fix those issues.

Common issues with HTC handsets and their solutions


Certain users have this complain that their HTC phones do not charge properly. There can be many reasons for this problem. Firstly, it can be due to a problem with the phone battery. Secondly, it can be due to damage to the charger adapter or cable. Thirdly, the phone might not charge because you have an older android version.

Solution – Firstly you need to check the battery condition and charge point. See if these are working properly. If there is any fault in the battery, then that needs to be replaced. If both the above areas are checked and cleared then do as said below.

Go to the settings option of the handset > Click POWER for more options > Click battery usage to see what is consuming all the power of the battery > If you see that if an app is using too much power then uninstall it immediately

Apart from these, you need to so certain basic maintenance for the proper functioning of the battery. Don’t overcharge your phone. Wait till the battery goes down to the minimum level and then connect it to a charger.


You might come across some problems while updating the software. It is one of the most common HTC phone problems. The reason for this can be an unstable android version or a sudden malware or virus attack. Update issues are a big headache as it directly affects the working of the handset.

Solution – Go to the settings of the phone > Go to Storage and click on the Clear Data option. This process will reset the home screen and might solve the update issue. If not then back up all your files and opt for the factory reset option. Your phone will restart after the reset and hopefully solve the update problem.


Physical damages like cracked screen can affect the functioning of the touch screen of your HTC handset. The only solution to resolve that is to replace the screen. If your phone is infected by malware or virus, it might affect the functioning of the touchscreen. If it is the later, i.e. software problem then it can be solved by following some steps.

Solution – Go to the phone Settings > Click on the Language and Keyboard option > Go to HTC Sense > Click on the Advanced menu option > Click the calibration tool and follow instructions to calibrate your phone.

If you encounter any problem that is too hard to solve, then get help from a professional phone repair service.

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

Edinburgh iPhone & Smartphone Repair Specialist

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