Common problems of Sony phone and how to overcome of it

  • December 9, 2016
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Common problems of Sony phone and how to overcome of it

In the latest round of high end Smartphone wars, Sony was the first company to fire with its waterproof, powerful and stylish Xperia Z. It boasts a winsome 1080 display, 1.5 GHz quad core processor. It has sold well and it has marked the comeback for the brand of Sony. It is a great phone, but just like all other device in the market there are always some problems to deal with.

Sony Wifi Problem

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We have been hanging in forums, stopping owners in the streets and gathering data at the most common Xperia Z problems. The specified aim is to bring you some handy advice on potential solutions for the issues and problems you might be encountering. Listed below are some approaches of what we have found out.


Wi-Fi dropping or won’t connect– A lot of Xperia Z owners have been complaining about a weak Wi-Fi signal. Some individuals have had trouble in connecting to specific routers, but most individuals are finding that the signal drops in a frequent manner.

sony phone wifi problem

In some of the cases the problem is exacerbated while the respective Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on at the same time. There are also possibilities that the power saving stamina mode is having an impact. It is mainly because it would stop automatic syncing and a cut connects. It would be witnessed as you turn the display off.

You can use the free app Wi-Fi Analyzer in order to check the strength of the signal.

Work around: You need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned off. At the same time you need to turn the stamina mode off. It should be off by default, but you can always check the settings.

Sony Wifi Problem and solution

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Possible solutions– Restart the router and the phone. You need to double check that you have the corrective details and the password. You need to ensure that you have the latest firmware. For your Xperia Z this should come as an OTA update, but for your router you will need to check the manufacturer’s website with your ISP.

You can try and change the channel on the router and make sure that the DHCP is on. Turn MAC filters off on your router and add your phone’s MAC address.

You can try Sony’s PC companion– You need to install on your PC and go to support Zone. Then you can commence the phone and update the software. If you already have the latest version you can chose to repair phone.

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