5 signs of a degrading iPad battery

Why do iPad batteries degrade?

What is the typical battery life of an iPad? While there is no fixed battery life per se, it all comes down to the model you are using and the kind of usage it witnesses. One charge cycle of the iPad battery refers to an amount that equals 100% of the battery’s capacity. While tablets like iPads have made our lives easier over the years, they are sophisticated tech devices that succumb to minor hiccups from time to time. In this post, we’ve tried listing some of the common problems that iPads encounter that may warrant an iPad repair in Glasgow.

Common problems needing quality iPad repair in Glasgow

  • Unexpected power issues: Does the iPad often shut down unexpectedly even when you have charged it sufficiently? Well, this can be a sign of the deteriorating health of the iPad battery. If you notice such a problem, we’d advise you not to take the issue lightly and instead opt for iPad battery repair in Glasgow. On another note, never buy cheap laptops that aren’t from good companies, as they use inferior batteries.
  • Charging slowly: This is another great sign of knowing when there’s a problem with the battery of the device. When a device is new, the iPad battery charges quickly and retains power for a long time. But once it gets old, the battery condition worsens and it starts losing power. In fact, this is when the device starts charging slowly.
  • High idle battery drain: Is the battery on your iPad losing power quite fast even when it’s simply lying around? If the device is witnessing a high idle battery drain, it is a sign of deteriorating battery – one that needs a quick iPad battery repair in Glasgow or a battery replacement.
  • Overheating: It’s true that prolonged use of the iPad or using it for purposes that put a strain on the processor, can heat up the device to a certain extent. However, when this starts happening far too often and is even noticeable when using the simplest of apps or messaging platforms, it becomes evident that the battery on the device needs an immediate fix. Luckily, there are many good shops that deal in iPad repair in Glasgowand can offer a quick repair.
  • Battery warnings: iPads are a sophisticated piece of technology – one that’s loaded with tons of bells and whistles. One of the features that is of particular interest to us is the battery health indicator. It clearly points out the condition of the battery and is a great way of knowing whether you need an iPad battery repair in Glasgow anytime soon.

Finding the best iPad repair shop in Glasgow

While Apple claims that an iPad battery can last for more than 7 hours, most gadget owners would agree, that isn’t always accurate. In fact, there are loads of factors that come into play. However, as the device grows older and starts showing any of the signs mentioned above, you should go for a reliable iPad repair in Glasgow.

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