How to unlock Iphone, tips and tricks

  • December 9, 2016
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How to unlock Iphone, tips and tricks

Quite a few users forgot their iphone pass word or pin after they haven’t used the phone for a longer period time. We have received such requests from time to time. How to unlock phone if I forget pass code? Thereby this post is written in order to help those in need to unlock phone, without password or unlock disabled phone.

iPhone Repair Unlocking

The basic facts before removing the pass code– Before removing the pass code from your respective phone, there are few basic facts that you need to know about the pass code of the phone. After entering the wrong password on your phone for six consecutive times, your phone will be disabled for a certain period of time. As the incorrect password attempts to increase, the interval tends to become longer.

You need to connect to a computer– After too many unsuccessful attempts, the phone will be completely disabled and need to connect to a computer. If you have enabled erase data in settings > touch ID pass code, the phone will automatically delete all the desired data on it after 10 wrong attempts. You will be able to use the phone again but all data are gone.

How to unlock disabled/locked phone without tunes– Apple will always suggest us to restore the disabled and locked phone. However if your phone has not been synced with the iTunes before, iTunes won’t let you restore the phone. You need to enter the password on the phone. Fortunately there is yet another way for you to reset the locked phone without iTunes.

The other approaches that you can perform– You can use forepaw IOS system recovery. The program can remove the pass code from the phone by wiping locked phone. After the pass code is removed, the concerned phone will get unlocked. You can then set up the device again and restore icloud backup to get back all your data.

Listed below are couples of steps to restore disabled locked phone without iTunes.

Step-1 Free downloads IOS system recovery on PC or MAC. You need to run the program and open IOS system recovery.

Step-2 You can connect your locked phone to the computer. You can press the on/off button to power off your locked phone. Then press and hold Home + Power button until the phone connects again.

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